Our story


“Luuks / luuks!”: Modern Afrikaans slang; an expression of ultimate satisfaction or admiration for something that brings great satisfaction; often used as a singular exclamation; not necessarily confined to luxurious items. Often associated with indulging in the simpler things in life. The essence of feeling good.

When university friends Ilse van der Merwe and Edith Thiart met, they knew they were birds of a feather. More than twenty years of friendship (and many overlapping business ideas) down the line, they finally channeled their mutual love for quality craft and design into a combined digital platform, Luuks Studio. With a strong appreciation for Marie Kondo’s philosophy of surrounding yourself with items that spark joy, we manufacture and source a selection of “feelgoods”: beautiful, quality, functional, hand-crafted gifting solutions mostly made of natural indigenous products like wood, leather, hemp and cotton – made to bring you joy. 2020 will be remembered as a year of uncertainty, loss, challenges and retrenchment, but for us it will also be remembered as a year of new opportunities, a fresh take on priorities, and renewed hope for a life filled with joy.

We look forward to sharing our joy with you.


Having a freshly brewed coffee on the top of a mountain while admiring the view, is “luuks!”.

Sipping an ice cold gin & tonic at sunset on the beach with your best friend, is “luuks!”.

Camping in the middle of nowhere, seated in a hammock, kitted out with your favourite snacks while streaming that game you don’t want to miss, is SOOOOO “luuks!”.

Watching 2 consecutive episodes of your favourite series, uninterrupted, with a tub of ice cream, after the baby finally fell asleep, is very “luuks!”.

Receiving a thoughtful, beautifully packaged, personalized gift with a hand written card from a client that you value, is most definitely “luuks!”.

Pouring any kind of drink from the minibar, in any setup, is always “luuks!”. We promise.

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